FX ARC LTD is a Fintech company that focus on two products; to create proprietary algorithmic trading strategies and selling FX Automator remote trade copier software as a service.

We are a dedicated team of professional traders and analysts with a vast experience and passion in trading the financial markets (Forex, commodities and stock indices). We not only enjoy our own trading success but also love to share our success with you.

The specific technology is of course a trade secret. However we can confirm the following:

Fastest execution speed

Trades are executed at lightning speed, fast enough for scalping strategies (normally 0.1 to 0.5 seconds).

Risk Management

Follower accounts are able to adjust the risk and money management settings of each account individually.

Equity protection

Follower accounts feature optional maximum drawdown protection.

Connection alerts

Should a disconnection occur for any reason. Alerts are sent via copy trading MT4 push notification (you need to install MT4 mobile app from iTunes or Google Play)

SL and TP levels

Follower accounts are able to manipulate the copied trades by closing and moving SL and TP levels.

Total freedom

Follower accounts are able to continue manual trading or run other EA on their account (including other copiers) without it interfering with FX Automator.